Interested in a house on Zillow? Pull it as a record into Google Sheets.

Pulltable Chrome Extension

What is Pulltable?

You want to compare several products on a website. What do you do? You manually copy information about each product into a spreadsheet to inspect, compare, and sort through.

Pulltable is a single click solution to this copy-paste-a-million-times problem.

Click on the extension icon while you're on a product page and it will add it as a new record to a Google Sheet. See the video 👉

Other sites beyond Zillow will be added. Contact us for more info.

See Pulltable in Action.

Here is How.

  1. Install the extension on Google Chrome Store
  2. Sign in with Google (in the top bar)
Now you can:
  1. Go to a Zillow product page
  2. Click on the extension icon
  3. See your spreadsheet (in the top bar)

Pricing Simplified.

First month is free. Then you'll need a plan.

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